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Welcome to Hawg Heaven Smokin' BBQ!

Description: E:\websites\hawg-website\hawg-125x125.jpgAfter spending too many years eating someone else's efforts, I decided I needed to create my own flavor of BBQ. I bought myself a pit (or two), read about how to make real BBQ, visited competitions and asked millions of questions. I burned alot of wood, tortured alot of meat, practiced hard, made some mistakes along the way, and then finally mastered it. In 2005, Hawg Heaven Smokin' BBQ was born, and we have been catering BBQ to happy faces in Northern Delaware and the Delaware Valley ever since.

Hawg Heaven Smokin' BBQ is a family owned and operated business, that has set high standards for the food we serve. Our meats are always slow cooked over hickory wood. Each slab of ribs is trimmed, and the membrane is removed. We never serve boiled, baked, or nuked meats. Every pork shoulder is hand-pulled and smoked for up to 16 hours!

Once you've tasted our slow-cooked meats and experienced the fall-off-the-bone tenderness with that distinctive, smokey flavor, you'll understand why folks keep coming back for more. We invite you to try our offerings, and encourage you to come back for more!

May the pork be with you!


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